Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Side Effects of Systematic Working

Dear friends I received this email just today from one of my friends and I am reproducing it as it is before you to read and enjoy. Any discomfort is regretted please.
A good one to spend some time...
A story told by an IIM professor regarding the side effects of systematic working: -
After completion of Lanka War Hanumanji was enjoying LTC with his friends. He got an email on his laptop from Accounts requesting him to clear his dues before 31st March - dues related to his tour for bring Sanjivani Booti for Laxmanji. He ignored the first mail. But after 3 - 4 reminders in two days time & receiving a call on CUG Mobile from Accounts Dept., he had to fly to Ajodhya canceling his leave.
He submitted:- TA, DA Bill, Bills of Sushen Vaidya, Hospital Charges incurred for Bharatji when he met with an accident during his travel, Cost of Sanjeevani Booti for Laxmanji, Transport charges (1) Where is your tour sanction report ? Asked the HR & ADMIN Dept. Hanumanji got it done by requesting to concerned officials 2 or 3 times. (2) Hanumanji claimed T.A. bill for air travel - but he was given only second class sleeper charges. And all other expenses on medical,Sanjeevani Booti, Fee of Sushen Vaidya were not reimbursed. When he asked for the reasons, he was told that (a) As per his designation, he is entitled for IInd class sleeper only. (b) He cannot get claim for other things as he does not have bills.
Then Hanuman approached Shri Rama and explained to him about the deduction on his tour expense report. Ramji ordered the related official to pay for Air travel & other charges as claimed by Hanumanji. The officer came with the rule book & told Shri Ramji, "These rules are created by the grandfather of Dasharathji, If you want to overrule your forefathers I don't have any problem." Ramji became speechless. So he thought for another way to compensate Hanuman. He called Hanumanji & gave him the claimed amount in cash, But how can Hanumanji take cash money from Ramji ? Hanumanji told, “How can I take money from you for treating Laxmanji? Laxmanji is equally reverend to me as you are. "
In his heart of hearts Hanumanji thought why he listened to accounts fellow, cut short his LTC, completed all the formalities & put Shriram in such an awkward position where he has to offer money to me. Hanumanji continued his work with the same attachment as he used to after this incidence also.
Hanuman was a god, but for us mortals, learnt a different lesson & that was MORAL OF THE STORY : "NOT to do anything without proper sanctions : Whatever may be the urgency or importance of the job" At the most Laxmanji will die - nothing more will happen.

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